A Few Words About Us

Mike Condy's life has been immersed in the African bushveld.
From a very young age, he had the benefit of spending long stretches of time in Botswana and Zimbabwe, accompanying his father, a wildlife vet, on his many sojourns into the bush. It is here that his love grew for the raw, unspoilt beauty of Africa.

These trips regularly resulted in yet another animal being taken back to the Condy homestead, to add to its strange and celebrity-status menagerie. The most famous of this collection, was Rupert, a baby rhino rescued during the flooding of the Zambezi Valley, as Kariba Dam was formed. Operation Noah rescued numerous animals, re-locating them to higher ground and safe territory.

Rupert's safe territory was in the care of the eccentric and loving arms of the Condy family. A recent documentary on Rupert's life brought the story back to the attention of the public.

Not only did Mike gain first-hand knowledge of the flora and fauna of each region he visited but he developed a passion for the preservation of the wilderness that was his playground, and for the huge herds of wildlife that covered savannah areas and valleys alike. Through the years, Mike has seen how the precious African veld and its wildlife has been increasingly threatened. This has motivated him to introduce as many people as possible to his beloved Africa, while it is still accessible.

Mike's wife, Dini, is a well-known and respected South African artist. Her sensitive and honest depiction of the varied landscapes, the people and cultures, is alive with movement, engaging one's senses that evokes and embeds memories of special places. As she accompanies Mike on his expeditions, she collects fresh material and sketches scenes that she later brings to life with oils on canvas.

Mike's approach to safaris includes the interactive thrill of geocaching, a discovery 'hide-and-seek' process, which enables adventurers to identify specific locations in often inhospitable areas, using GPS co-ordinates. Mike combines fun, adventure and an up-close experience of the beauty and fragility of the African wilderness in his geo=caching safaris. His knowledge is not 'out of a book' rhetoric – Mike speaks from experience, and imparts a love and care for the environment that is genuine and unique.